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Browse our full range of Steel Bull Bars, we stock right here at Aussie Offroad. We supply & fit all your favourite brands from Offroad Animal, Rockarmor, ARB, EFS, TJM, & IRONMAN 4X4.

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Choose from one of our great Bull Bar Combo deals, which gives you a complete frontal package solution, complete with winch & leg driving lights, rockslider

Frontal Pack

Rockarmor Bull Bar / Winch / LED Driving Lights

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Protek Pack

Rockarmor Bull Bar / Runva Winch / Stedi Driving Lights

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Weekend Warrior Pack

Rockarmor Bull Bar / Winch / LED Spotties / Oricom Uhf Radio & Antenna / Rocksliders / Supension Lift Kit / Safari Snorkel

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Bull Bar & Rockslider Combo

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4x4 Bull Bars Maximum Frontal Protection | Modern Exterior Styling


Enhance your Ute or SUV Wagon with the ultimate addition with one of many ADR Approved Australian bull bars we have available at Aussie Offroad. Strengthen your vehicle's defense while instilling peace of mind with the added protection a 4x4 bull bar provides for both your vehicle and its occupants. Elevate your 4x4's functionality and style with a robust Australian-made bull bar.

4WD bull bars serve as a crucial shield against front-on collisions, whether with vehicles, obstacles, or wildlife. Kangaroos, omnipresent on rural and semi-rural Australian roads, account for a staggering 83% of animal-related car accidents. Weighing up to 66 kilograms and capable of speeds reaching 70 km/h, a collision with a kangaroo at any velocity can result in significant damage, translating to thousands of dollars in repair costs. To mitigate such risks, outfitting your 4x4 with a resilient, dependable, high-quality bull bar is indispensable.

In your search for bull bars, look no further than Aussie Offroad. We specialise in both the sale and installation of an extensive array of Australian bull bars, including renowned brands like Rockarmor, Ironman, TJM, Offroad Animal, EFS, Ironman, Rival, Hammer, and many more, tailored to suit any 4x4 model.

Seamlessly purchase your bull bar online today, with direct delivery to your doorstep or nearest collection depotShould you have any inquiries or wish to coordinate installation, our expert team at Aussie Offroad is readily available for assistance. Reach out to us at 02 80049402 or get in touch with us via our online chat box.


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