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Explore our extensive range of Snorkel & Airbox kits designed for Hilux N70 vehicles. Enhance your vehicle's performance and prepare for off-road adventures. Choose from a Stainless Snorkel or Traditional UV coated Polyethylene from one of our many trusted brands including Safari Snorkel, Ironman 4x4 & Roar 4x4 Browse our full collection today and find the perfect upgrade for your Hilux N70.

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Common Questions

Does the N70 Stainless Snorkel fit both Petrol & Diesel Models?

Yes the Roar 4x4 Stainless Snorkel will fit both Petrol & Diesel N70 Hilux Vehicles.

Which Safari Snorkel would i need to use if i own a 2005-2011 n70 Hilux?

There are 3 models you could possibly choose from, Firstly check to see if which engine your Hilux is. If it is a petrol model you will need to select the SS125HF model. If you own the Diesel model you could choose from one of 2 models which are SS120HF (Vspec) or the SS122HP (Armax model)

Do i need to install a custom airbox if i select the Stainless Snorkel?

No, you can retain the use of your factory airbox with the stainless snorkel

Which Safari Snorkel would i need if i own the facelift N70 Hilux Model?

You can choose from one of 2 Safari Snorkels. The Vspec option SS122HF or the Armax Snorkel which is SS122HP