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Rear Bar Spare Wheel Carriers (12 items)

In production since 2011, Rockarmor's full range of rear bars have been Designed & tested in Australia, and have been engineered to cater for the true 4wd tourer who requires the ultimate in spare wheel storage & rear bar protection. Tested & proven on almost every iconic offroad Australian track, you can trust that the Rockarmor rear bar will protect your vehicle! Use it as a standalone rear bar or adapt the the complimentary swing arms that come with the bar. Scroll down the page and check to see if Rockarmor make a Rear Bar spare wheel carrier for your vehicle.

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Common Questions

Why do i need a Rear Bar on my 4wd?

A rear bar is not everyone, however if you are one that is planning to take your 4wd on longer excursions, a rear bar has many benefits which include: Rear end protection, easier access to your spare wheel and less weight on your rear door if you spare is mounted to the factory barn door.

Does the Rear bar replace my tow bar?

No the Rockarmor Rear Bar does not replace your tow bar. The Rear Bar will sit above your factory tow bar mounting to the factory points on the chassis.

What is the biggest size tyre i can fit on the Rear Bar?

Depending on the vehicle, however if your vehicle has been fitted with 35" tyres the Rockarmor Rear Bar can take up to 2 x 35" Tyres.

Can i fit the Rear Bar on at home?

Yes you may, majority of our Rear Bar customers over the years have opted to take the rear bar home & fit it themselves, we provide step by step video instructions, making life much easier for your installation.

Do i need to purchase another swing arm to mount a jerry can holder?

No you don't! The Rockarmor Rear swing away, has the ability to carry either your spare wheel or a jerry can holder.

Quick Specs: 

■ 3mm Steel

■ Replaces Factory Bumper

■ Checker Plate step

■ Provisions for High Lift Jack Use

■ Does not replace factory tow bar - Sits above tow bar (except for Prado 120 Models) 

■ Universal Arm - Can be used a wheel carrier or dual jerry Can Carrier

■ Quick locking latch 


Easier Access to your Spare Tyre

For most 4wd vehicle owners, their spare tyre will be found either on their back door or underneath the vehicle. Both of these standard locations can cause future issues when traveling off-road, either due to the lack of departure clearance when your spare wheel is secured under the vehicle or due to the extreme vibrations the rear door will endure when driving over the thousands of corrugations, which can lead to damaged door hinges, when the spare wheel is secured to the door.


Rockarmor Rear Bars are available for the following models: 

Landcruiser 76, 80, 100, 105, 200 Series, 75,78 Series Troopy Prado 120, 150 Series 

GU Patrol Series 1 - 3 GU Patrol Series 4+