Project Troopy

Embarking on a journey around Australia is no small feat, and there is nothing more reliable to do that trip in than a Troopy! Aussie Offroad recently had the privilege of preparing one such brand spanking new 78 Series Troop Carrier for its epic adventure, equipping it with top-of-the-line 4WD protection barwork to tackle the rugged terrain ahead.

The Troopy's owner understood the importance of fortifying their vehicle for the challenging conditions it would encounter. With this in mind, he turned to Aussie Offroad Sydney for assistance in outfitting their Troopy with the necessary gear.



The first order of business was to enhance the Troopy's front-end protection. Instead of opting for a conventional bull bar, the owner chose an Offroad Animal bull bar, a standout choice that not only provides superior protection but also adds a distinct aesthetic appeal to the vehicle. This upgrade not only enhances the Troopy's appearance but also improves its ground clearance, crucial for navigating rough terrain, and houses essential accessories such as a light bar and winch, ensuring the Troopy is ready for any situation it may encounter.


Knowing that the journey would take them through treacherous landscapes like Cape York, renowned for its challenging tracks, the team at Aussie Offroad took extra precautions to safeguard the Troopy's vulnerable areas. They installed Rockarmor rock sliders and brush bars, providing added protection to the side panels and door sills against potential damage from rocks and debris. Unlike most other aftermarket and OEM side steps out there, the Rockarmor rockslider steps protect the full side sil from front to back!  


Turning their attention to the rear of the vehicle, the team addressed the need for rear protection while also considering practicality. Understanding the strain that corrugated roads can put on door hinges, they devised a solution that involved installing a Rockarmor Rear Bar, relocating the spare wheel onto a swing arm, sparing the door hinges from excessive wear and tear.

With the exterior enhancements complete, the Troopy now heads for its final phase of preparation—internal customisation. This stage will see the vehicle outfitted with all the necessary equipment and amenities to ensure a comfortable and functional living space for the owner during their journey around Australia.


As the Troopy undergoes its transformation, it's evident that every detail has been meticulously planned to ensure it's ready to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. With its robust 4WD protection barwork and thoughtful upgrades, this Troopy is primed and poised for an unforgettable adventure through the vast and varied landscapes of Australia.


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