MR Triton Honest Suspension Review

If you are chasing the best suspension package for your MR Triton, then we here at Aussie Offroad have created a custom suspension package that gives you the best possible lift you can get from a Triton, without compromising ride quality.

We have personally tested a lot of different suspension sets for our very own Triton and found this one to be the best when it comes to smooth driving and offroad handling.

What’s Included in the Package:

Front Shocks

The Aussie offroad package includes Dobinsons Monotube IMS Shocks, which feature adjustable coil adjustment ranging from 35mm to 50mm. These shocks are designed to provide superior performance and adaptability for various driving conditions. The monotube design of Dobinsons shocks ensures a smooth ride, perfectly handling the additional 110kgs of weight from the bull bar, winch, and spotties installed on the front of the vehicle.


Front Coils

The front coil springs included in the package are from Dobinsons, allowing you to select your desired load rating. These coils are engineered to offer optimal support and stability for your Triton.


Bump Stops

Shortened bump stops are included in the package to ensure that your suspension system performs effectively without compromising the comfort of your ride.


Upper Control Arms

For enhanced durability and control, we have included Tough Dog Upper Control Arms. These are designed to handle the rigors of offroad driving while maintaining excellent handling.


Rear Shocks

The rear shocks in our package are also from Dobinsons, featuring the IMS Monotube design. These shocks are built to offer exceptional performance and longevity, ensuring your Triton handles well on all terrains.


Rear Leaf Springs

Aussie offroad provide EFS Leaf Springs for the rear, which also come with selectable load ratings to suit your specific needs. These leaf springs are crafted to deliver reliable support and improved ride quality. The 300kg constant load EFS springs have held up perfectly with all the added weight in the rear of the tub, which includes 2 drawers, 1 fridge, a 40-litre water tank, and a stove.


Additional Components


U-bolts are supplied in the kit to secure the leaf springs firmly in place, ensuring the stability and safety of your suspension system.

Tailshaft Spacer

A tailshaft spacer is included to ensure proper alignment and function of your drive shaft, enhancing overall performance.

Urethane Kit

Our package includes a urethane kit that offers increased durability and better handling by reducing unwanted flex in the suspension components.

Rear Shackles

Rear shackles are included to provide additional lift and flexibility to your suspension system, enhancing its capability to handle offroad conditions.

Extended Brake Cables

Extended brake cables are not required with this kit, simplifying the installation process and maintaining the integrity of your braking system.



With this comprehensive suspension package, your MR Triton will achieve the best possible lift and ride quality. The carefully selected components ensure a smooth driving experience and exceptional offroad handling, making it the ultimate choice for Triton enthusiasts.

The Dobinsons monotube shocks offer a smooth ride, handling all the added weight perfectly. The 110kgs of additional weight on the front and the 300kg constant load in the rear are managed effortlessly, ensuring that your Triton performs optimally under all conditions. Upgrade your Triton’s suspension with Aussie Offroad’s custom package and experience the difference in performance and comfort.