Modifying the MR Triton - From stock to a capable Tourer

Testing the Triton's off-road Capabilities and Personal Touring Needs

Mark's journey with his Mitsubishi Triton GLX+  began in 2020 when he acquired it in its standard form from Liverpool Mitsubishi. Eager to explore its potential for off-road adventures, Mark embarked on a trip to Moreton Island to gauge the vehicle's capabilities and determine what modifications would be necessary for future, more demanding journeys.



The Tritons Maiden Trip - Moreton Island Trip 

Before delving into significant modifications, Mark opted for a trial run with his MR Triton, taking it to Moreton Island located just off the coast of Brisbane, which for many is one of Australia's best camping spots. The Vehicle was in its stock standard configuration, with only minimal enhancements including an alloy roof rack, Kalahari Awning, Stedi 41" LED light bar, and a custom tub rack for the rooftop tent. Moreton Island, known for its relatively moderate terrain, provided the perfect testing ground for Mark to gauge his Triton's capabilities and identify areas for improvement before embarking on more ambitious journeys across Australia.

During this initial excursion, Mark discovered that while the Triton performed adequately, there were clear areas that demanded attention for future expeditions. The need for enhanced ground clearance became evident, along with a more robust 12-volt system to power his essential camping equipment effectively.

This preliminary voyage served as a valuable learning experience, allowing Mark to discern precisely what enhancements his Triton would require to tackle more challenging terrains and longer excursions confidently. Armed with this firsthand knowledge, Mark could then proceed with targeted modifications tailored to his specific adventure needs, ensuring his Triton was fully equipped to handle whatever rugged landscapes lay ahead.


Enhancing Air Intake for Unforeseen Obstacles

Shortly after his trip from his Moreton Island excursion, Mark encountered a challenging situation when his vehicle became stuck while crossing a creek. 

This incident highlighted the necessity for better air intake. Consequently, Mark opted to install a MR Triton V-SPEC Safari Snorkel, significantly improving the vehicle's ability to draw in air and mitigating the risk of similar mishaps in the future. 



Achieving Better Off-Road Clearance with Suspension and Tyre Upgrades

Recognising the need for increased clearance, Mark decided to upgrade the Triton's suspension system. He invested in a Custom Triton Suspension kit from Aussie Offroad which included Monotube Dobinsons IMS Shocks, complemented by Tough Dog UCAS and EFS rear springs. Additionally, Mark equipped the vehicle with 17-inch Fuel wheels wrapped in Nitto Ridge all-terrain tires (285x17x80), ensuring enhanced traction and maneuverability in challenging terrain.



Empowering with 12-Volt Power

Mark's initial off-road excursion revealed the limitations of relying solely on a generator for power during extended trips. Seeking a more efficient solution, he installed a comprehensive 12-volt power system behind the back seat. This setup includes a 200AH Slimline lithium battery, a Redarc 40AH BCDC charger, and a Rockarmor 1800w inverter. With this system in place, Mark now powers essential accessories such as a 6 gang control switch panel, air compressor, and water pump, all in the back of the rear tub, ensuring greater convenience and autonomy on his adventures. Removing the  from the rear tub, and installing everything behind the rear seat, made way for loads more room in the tub to fit a drawer system. 

Enhancing Frontal Protection for Peace of Mind

Understanding the importance of safeguarding his vehicle's front end against potential hazards, Mark opted to enhance its frontal protection. He chose the Rockarmor MR Triton Frontal Pack, featuring a Rockarmor MR Triton GT Bull Bar custom-painted to match the vehicle's exterior. This comprehensive package includes a 12,000lbs Rockarmor winch and a pair of R85 Rockarmor LED Spotties, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. With built-in rated recovery points, 63mm tubing, built in led fog lights and centre bash plate, the bull bar offers peace of mind during off-road excursions.


Optimising Storage - Roof Rack 

To maximise storage capacity and versatility, Mark sought a reliable roof rack solution. He turned to Aussie Off-Road, where he acquired a Rola 1200x1200 Titan Tray mounted with Rockarmor universal leg mounts. This setup accommodates additional gear for extended journeys, while a Stedi 41” slimline light bar enhances visibility during nighttime travel.


Rear Tub Storage - Drawers / Camp Kitchen

For Mark, cooking isn't just a hobby; it's a beloved pastime that he cherishes. And what better place to practice his culinary skills than amidst the vast and picturesque landscapes of Australia? The allure of outdoor cooking in the Australian wilderness is something that any culinary enthusiast would find irresistible.


However, Mark grew weary of the repetitive chore of packing and unpacking the rear tub of his vehicle before and after each excursion. Determined to streamline his outdoor cooking setup, he embarked on creating a more permanent storage solution. This endevor culminated in the crafting of a custom-made slimline drawer, meticulously designed to accommodate his Dometic gas stove and an array of cooking utensils. Alongside this, Mark opted for a spacious 1.3-meter drawer to house all his essential gear and off-road recovery equipment.

Before installing the Drawer system Mark applied a protective coating in the tub


The addition of these ingeniously designed drawers transformed the functionality of his vehicle, providing easy access to his cooking essentials and ensuring that his gear was neatly organised and readily available at all times. But Mark didn't stop there. To further enhance the utility of the rear tub, he installed a 40-litre Ironman water tank, complete with a 12-volt control panel switch for convenient operation.



Moreover, Mark decided to remove the custom tub rack, ingeniously incorporated a Triton Front Runner tub rack into his setup, effectively maximising the available storage space. This versatile rack not only serves as an additional storage platform but also proves invaluable for mounting his Kalahari awning, shower system, and a series of strategically placed LED lights—both on the sides and rear of the vehicle.


With his revamped rear tub setup, Mark has seamlessly integrated his passion for cooking with his love for outdoor adventures. Now, whether he's whipping up a gourmet meal under the open sky or embarking on an off-road expedition, Mark can do so with unparalleled ease and efficiency, making every outdoor cooking experience a truly memorable one.

In conclusion, Mark's journey with his modified MR Triton exemplifies the pursuit of adventure and the quest for optimal performance in off-road environments. Through strategic upgrades and thoughtful enhancements, he has transformed his vehicle into a capable and reliable companion for exploring the great outdoors.



Complete list of Modifications: 

Rockarmor GT Bull Bar

Rockarmor 12,000lbs winch 

Rockarmor R85 LED Driving Lights 

Custom MR Triton Suspension Kit 

Fuel Anza Alloy Wheels

Rockarmor Rockslider Side Steps 

Rola Titan Tray + Rockarmor Rack Legs

Stedi 41" Slim line light bar 

Kalahari 2.5m Awning 

Redarc 40amp bcdc 

200ah Lithium battery 

Rockarmor 1800w Inverter 

Rockarmor 6gang switch panel 

Custom drawer system 

ironman 40litre water tank 

kick ass water in box pump 

Dometic gas stove 

Front Runner Tub Rack

Kalahari Shower Awning

Rockarmor led light bars 

Slimline light bar 


 We hope this article helps you with your Mr Triton build journey, these products in the story is what Mark believes have been the best accessories he could purchase for his MR Triton.