ADR Approved MR Triton GT Bull Bar | Modern Design, Maximum Protection

Located in South West Sydney, Rockarmor is driven by a passion for adventure and exploration. Situated in Lansvale, this company has been crafting off-road accessories for nearly 20 years. The team at Rockarmor takes pride in their local roots, scanning vehicles right here in Sydney and designing their bars in Australia.

At the core of Rockarmor's philosophy is a dedication to excellence, evident in every product they create. One of their standout offerings is the MR Triton GT Bull Bar, a result of careful design, engineering, and a deep understanding of 4x4 enthusiasts' needs.

MR Triton bull bar

The idea behind the MR Triton GT Bull Bar was simple: create a bar that not only meets the demands of off-road adventures but exceeds the expectations of drivers. Designed with precision and built with expertise, this bull bar showcases Australian ingenuity with enhanced approach angles, built-in rated recovery points, and striking style.

However, the MR Triton GT Bull Bar isn't just about looks; it's about safety and performance. Every component undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with Australian Design Rules, providing peace of mind to drivers tackling challenging terrains.

In Australia's countryside, encountering wildlife poses a risk of collision and damage to your MR Triton. That's where the Rockarmor GT Bull Bar steps in. With a solid 63mm tube and multiple internal strengthening points, it can withstand high-speed animal strikes, offering maximum protection for your vehicle.

Mr triton bull bar fitted on 4x4

What sets the MR Triton GT Bull Bar apart is that it's a full bumper replacement, seamlessly integrating LED fog lights for enhanced visibility. Moreover, it's designed to be compatible with factory features such as parking sensors and front cameras, ensuring that your vehicle's functionality remains intact.

Importantly, installing the bull bar will not void your warranty, providing added assurance for your investment in both protection and style.

 Quick Specs

Tube Size: 63mm 

Powdercoat: Matte Black Textured Finish 

E-Coated: Yes 

Rated Recovery Points: Included (Painted Red) 

Bash Plate: Included (Siliver) 

LED Fog Lights: Included 

Fitment: Full Bumper Replacement 

Winch Compatible: Yes (Up to 12,000lbs winch) 

Front Camera Compatible: Yes 

Parking Sensor Compatible: Yes 

ADR Approved: Yes