Contender for best MQ Triton Bull Bar?


Since 2006, Rockarmor has been at the forefront of Australian 4x4 accessory manufacturing, catering to the rugged needs of Aussie 4x4 drivers. In 2015, the MQ Triton hit the scene, quickly becoming a favourite among trade workers and off-road enthusiasts alike. However, despite its popularity, the available accessories for the MQ Triton remained outdated – until now.



Modernising the MQ Triton

The MQ Triton bull bar deserved an upgrade, and Rockarmor answered the call with its new GT Bull Bar. At Aussie Offroad, we've been eagerly anticipating an accessory like this, as our customers have been wishing for a bull bar that matches the Triton's rugged performance.

MQ Triton GT Bull Bar


Streamlined Installation

Rockarmor prioritised ease of installation by designing the GT Bull Bar as a full bumper replacement. This not only simplifies the fitting process but also ensures a snug fit that complements the Triton's aesthetics.


Enhanced Off-Road Performance

Not content with just protecting against animal collisions, the GT Bull Bar improves the Triton's off-road capabilities. Its design provides better ground clearance, allowing drivers to tackle rough terrain with confidence.


Aesthetic Appeal

Looks matter, and Rockarmor didn't disappoint. The GT Bull Bar features sharp lines and a wrap-around style with 55mm tubes, enhancing the Triton's appearance on and off the road.


Optimised Airflow

Addressing a common concern among Triton owners, Rockarmor incorporated side air vents and air vents into the bash plate, ensuring optimal airflow to the vehicle's intercooler.


Integrated LED Lighting

Equipped with housing for a slimline LED light bar, as well as fixed positions for 8.5” LED driving lights, the GT Bull Bar illuminates the path ahead. LED fog lights and indicators with DRL technology further enhance visibility and safety.


Built for Recovery

Safety is paramount, which is why the GT Bull Bar comes standard with two fixed-rated recovery points. Whether you're facing mud or rocks, these recovery points provide peace of mind in challenging situations.


Conclusion: Rockarmor Delivers

Rockarmor's GT Bull Bar sets a new standard for MQ Triton accessories. With its blend of functionality, style, and durability, it's a must-have addition for any serious 4x4 enthusiast. Experience the difference with Rockarmor.


Quick Specs 

Price: $1,999 (Price Excludes Fitting) 

Combo Packages available with Winch & Led Driving lights from $2,699 


■ Brand: Rockarmor 4x4 

■ Tube Size: 55mm 

■ ADR Approved 

■ Air Bag Compatible 

■ Winch Compatible 

■ Built-in Rated Recovery Points (Come Standard with the bar) 

■ Built-in Bash plate with airlow vents (Come standard with the bar) 

■ LED Fog lights & LED indicators (Come standard with the bar) 

■ Twin slotted Antenna Mounts on top hoop 

■ Internal LED light bar housing (Suits slim line up to 26") 

■ High lift Jack Compatible 

■ Powdercoated as well E-Coated 

■ Supplied in Matte Black Textured Finish 

■ Designed in Australia 

■ 12months Manufactures Warranty from Rockarmor 


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