4x4 Camping? Don't Leave Home Without These...

As you decide to go camping in Australia you need to plan ahead to have a safe and hassle-free trip.

Always take the well-established route to get help even in case of any vehicle breakdown. Defined tracks should be taken up for travel to make the journey smooth and safe. Try and carry map and compass to avoid travelling aimlessly leading to unnecessary harassment.

As you go to a camping store you will be puzzled by the variety of things therefore below are listed few important items that you might need to start your trip to assist you in the journey:

  • The most basis requirement is a superior quality tent that is water-proof (majority of tents are waterproof but you would be surprised by the cheap supermarket knockoffs that exist, so be warned). Do not make a wrong choice here as getting wet during the camp is not fun. You need to work out the suitable size of the tent, a little knowledge of the camp sites you'll be setting up in and the forecasted weather it has to endure. Your tent should protect you in any kind of unforeseen weather circumstances, even if it involves stocking up on tarps. 
  • Choose appropriate lighting devices to help you in the wilderness. Relying on campfires for your lighting source is not advisable. Make a lighting choice according to your needs and budget and available power.
  • Purchase shovels that will help you dig toilet holes. Seems like a no brainer but its amazing how many people forget to bring shovels. 
  • Keep a first aid kit loaded with essential items like band aids, insect repellent and few antiseptics, as well as basic pain killers.
  • Buy superior quality bedding or the best one that you can afford to have. Do not underestimate these essentials as you might actually freeze.
  • Buy good and reliable cooking equipment that is versatile and easy to use. Do not depend on campfire for cooking as campfire is banned in some places in Australia.
  • You can also keep a washing tub for storing purpose and also for personal hygiene.