A quick look at the Mitsubishi Triton Xtreme

G'day, fishos and rev-heads, Baz here with a ripper yarn about the Mitsubishi Triton – a ute that's not just for the tradies, mate! Now, picture this: dual-cab utes doing more than just carting tools or the rugrats around. They're turning into sports/adventure machines, tackling sand dunes and giving their owners a sense of rugged individuality. And guess what? Everyone's jumping on the bandwagon!

So, what's the deal with the Triton Xtreme? Well, they haven't messed with the engine; they've jazzed up the looks and tuned the dynamics. Wider track, top-notch suspension (courtesy of SupaShock), chunky alloy wheels, off-road tyres, tow hooks, and a splash of red here and there. It's like a high-end dual-cab, but with a bit more attitude. And the best part? Walkinshaw Auto Group thought it up, sold the idea to Mitsubishi, and here we are!

Now, let's talk price and features, cobbers. It's based on the Triton GSR, and the Xtreme package adds 14,500 bucks to the tag, putting it in a bit of a stoush with the HiLux Rogue and Navara Pro 4X Warrior. But, fear not, it packs a punch with digital radio, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android connectivity, keyless entry, dual-zone climate control, LED headlights, and more. You won't be seeing these bad boys on the road until the third quarter, so hold your horses!

As for design, it's got decals, a sports bar (a bit debatable, check our MR Triton bull bar out!), and some snazzy alloy wheels. Inside, it's Triton business as usual with a power-adjustable driver's seat, a decent touchscreen, and enough storage to keep your stubby coolers safe.

Under the bonnet, no changes – same trusty 2.4-litre turbo-diesel churning out 133kW and 430Nm. The six-speed auto gearbox does the job well, and the Super-Select four-wheel-drive system lets you dance between two- and four-wheel drive on the fly. Good on ya, Mitsubishi!

On the road, the SupaShock suspension comes into play, giving it better body control and a smooth ride. Off-road, those Aussie-designed shocks keep it in check, preventing the Triton from diving into the rough stuff with a thud. And check out those Goodrich ATR tyres – they're like magnets on slippery tracks!

Safety-wise, it's loaded with driver aids, and the Triton Xtreme has that cool 'Ultrasonic Misacceleration Mitigation' to avoid those pedal mix-ups. It's got you covered with forward collision mitigation, lane-departure warning, blind-spot warning, and more. WAG insists it's as safe as the original Triton GSR.

And for all the mates worried about ownership, you've got Mitsubishi's 10-year/200,000km warranty and capped price servicing. Just remember, you've got to keep it in the family for that full 10-year cover. Worth it? Well, that depends on whether you reckon Walkinshaw's tinkering is worth the extra dosh. At this price, it's got some tough competition. So, fishos and rev-heads, decide if this Triton is the catch of the day or if you're waiting for a bigger fish in the ute pond. Happy camping!