4 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Avoid Buying a Bull Bar (Or Not!)

Welcome, fellow adventurers, and thrill-seekers!

Today, we embark on a journey through the twisted realm of 4wd online keyboard warriors, where common sense takes a backseat. In this edition of our blog, we're tackling a topic near and dear to the hearts of every Aussie 4WD enthusiast: bull bars.

Now, you might expect us to extol the virtues of these rugged accessories, waxing poetic about their unmatched durability and lifesaving potential. But dear reader, prepare to have your expectations defied, your assumptions challenged, and your funny bone thoroughly tickled. For today, we present to you four side-splitting reasons why you should absolutely, positively, without a shadow of a doubt, avoid buying a bull bar for your beloved 4WD.

So strap in, hold onto your hats (or bull horns) lets kick it off! 

Kangaroo Collisions: An Expensive Adventure 

Tired of having spare cash lying around? Avoid buying a bull bar, and you'll soon find yourself throwing thousands at repair bills after a high-speed rendezvous with our beloved kangaroos. Because who doesn't enjoy a hefty repair bill as a souvenir from a country drive? Plus, plastic factory bumpers are just begging to crumple at the first sight of a hopping hazard. Forget about safety; let's make sure we have a good story to tell at the next barbecue.


Stuck in the Outback: A Survivalist's Dream

Dreaming of an impromptu camping trip in the heart of the outback? Skip the bull bar and opt for a factory bumper. Why? Because nothing screams adventure like being stranded in the middle of nowhere with no way to haul yourself out of trouble. Who needs a winch anyway? Just make sure you've packed enough snacks to last until the rescue helicopter arrives.



Lights Out: A Nighttime Thriller

Are you a fan of nighttime escapades? Then keep your factory bumper and say hello to dimly lit adventures. Because why bother with external lights when you can squint your way through the dark? Forget about visibility; driving blind adds an extra thrill to the journey. After all, who needs to see where they're going when they're having this much fun?


Off-Road Adventures: Battle Scars and Bruised Bumpers

Craving some off-road action? Stick with your factory bumper and prepare for some battle scars. Because nothing says "I'm living life to the fullest" like scratching up your low-profile bumper on rough terrain. Who cares about ground clearance when you've got a story to tell? Plus, the pub's always more exciting with a tale of bumper warfare.


So, there you have it. Four laugh-out-loud reasons why you should think twice before investing in a bull bar. Because who needs safety, functionality, or practicality when you can have a good old-fashioned adventure (and a hefty repair bill) instead?


But if you are looking for a good deal on a bar we've got you covered!