Rockarmor set to take the all new 2024 MV Triton to new heights


Rockarmor, a renowned Australian 4x4 accessory manufacturer established in 2006, has recently acquired a 2024 Mitsubishi GLS Triton, setting the stage for a bold new chapter in off-road Triton 4wd Accessories.

In this post we hang out with the Rockarmor design team and talk innovative upgrades and design challenges faced by the guys as they gear up to transform the Triton into a off road weapon to tackle any Aussie track! 

The New look 2024 Triton:
With the introduction of the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton, it's evident that the vehicle has undergone a significant transformation, presenting a fresh canvas for accessory manufacturers like Rockarmor. The new look exterior styling, safety features scattered all over the vehicle and even the addition of an ADBLUE tank found in the rear of the vehicle pose as an exciting challenge for Rockarmor's designers to create accessories that not only protect the vehicle but also elevate its performance and exterior aesthetics.


Scanning Process:
The Rockarmor team wasted no time, spending the weekend stripping down the Triton in their workshop. Rockarmor conducts comprehensive scans of its vehicles in Australia, utilising cutting-edge scanning equipment, ensuring the best possible data. Following a meticulous scan, their design team springs into action, crafting an array of innovative ideas.  

During the strip down, they discovered some intriguing features in the OEM bumper & grille with parking sensors, a front camera, and not 1 but 3 sonar packs integrated within the front bumper. Notably, the positioning of the lower chassis rails, present a design challenge for creating a bull bar with optimal approach angles, but Rockarmor's designers are determined to overcome this obstacle.

Rockarmor's Project Design manager, tells us he's surprised not much talk has been said about the bold new look on the front end of the vehicle. "All the media releases i have seen so far, goes on about the great new interior, the new twin turbo engine and the wider chassis, however none of these automotive journlists have said about these bloody headlights haha What were they thinking?? Saying that, we are up for the challenge and promise a strong & appealing bull bar for our customers" 


Upcoming 4x4 Accessory range for the New Triton 
Rockarmor has teased automotive enthusiasts with the promise of an all-new GT Bull bar design, tailored specifically for the Triton. This upcoming Triton 4x4 accessory range is set to redefine off-road protection and style, offering a fresh take on traditional bull bar designs. Additionally, Rockarmor plans to unveil a range of accessories for the Triton, including underbody bash plates, recovery points, rocksliders, and a rear bar, catering to the diverse needs of 4x4 enthusiasts.



The future of Project Triton
As Rockarmor sets its sights on enhancing the 2024 Mitsubishi Triton with cutting-edge accessories, the excitement within the team continues to build. The fusion of innovative design, advanced technology, and a passion for rugged adventures sets the stage for a groundbreaking line of Triton accessories from Rockarmor.

Stay tuned as Rockarmor pushes the boundaries and provide Mitsubishi Triton owners with some exciting custom 4x4 accessories.