No need to spend Hundreds of Dollars on a Roof Rack!

🚨 If you are about to purchase a roof rack just to mount up your new side awning that you have purchased? STOP RIGHT THERE These universal awning brackets will save you hundreds of dollars! Read on and find your 10% discount code at the bottom of this article! 

Designed to fit most Factory Roof Rails

Rockarmor's new universal rail awning mounting brackets allow you to safely mount your side car awning to your vehicle without the need of installing an expensive roof rack or platform to your vehicle.  


If your vehicle comes equipped with open style factory roof rails, these brackets offer an affordable, swift, and hassle-free alternative.


No more unnecessary expenses on additional equipment—simply attach your awning using these convenient brackets. The beauty lies in their versatility; easily transfer your awning from one vehicle to another without the need for drilling or modifications.