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iDrive Throttle Controller - UNLEASH THE POWER!

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Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $259.00
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$295.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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iDrive Throttle Controller - UNLEASH THE POWER!

Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $259.00

iDrive Throttle Controller - UNLEASH THE POWER!

Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $259.00

iDrive Throttle Controller

The iDrive Throttle Controller reduces throttle lag and improves engine responsiveness, giving you total control over your throttle sensitivity.

  • Easy plug and play installation
  • 20 levels of adjustment
  • Auto control for set and forget use
  • Ideal for turbo diesel engines

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (30 DAYS): If you’re not happy with the results, send it it back for a full refund!

The most popular application of the iDrive is 4×4’s and it suits most makes and models. But, it also suits a huge range of cars and vans.


Installation and operation of the iDRIVE is designed to be very straightforward, however we do provide basic installation and operational instructions.

How it works
The iDRIVE works by providing new points of reference for the vehicles throttle mapping. It is still working within the standard parameters; however, it introduces a far sharper throttle curve. It is also bringing the throttle in earlier throughout the pedal stroke to reduce throttle lag/dead zone in the pedal.

The Modes
iDRIVE’s are equipped with a very intuitive display and settings menu for easy use, there are 4 modes that offer different settings for different driving styles and conditions.
Normal Mode (–)

Normal mode is simply a replication of the factory settings, essentially the iDRIVE is switched off.
Economy Mode (E)

Economy mode has 9 settings that reduce the response from the pedal – The higher you go the more dampened your throttle response becomes, by dampening the throttle we can see increases in fuel economy as well as far greater control of your vehicles traction in off-road situations.
Ultimate Performance Mode (U)

Ultimate performance mode has 9 setting and can be grouped into three stages:

  • Ultimate mode 1-3: Everyday driving with smooth acceleration
  • Ultimate mode 4-6: Sportier, more responsive acceleration, great for use around town where short bursts of acceleration are needed
  • Ultimate mode 7-9: Strap yourself in and activate launch control, instant throttle response, beast mode, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Automatic Control (AC)

Automatic control is essentially a set and forget mode. Fly-by-wire throttle systems have two potentiometers, one to measure how hard you press the pedal and the other to measure how far you’ve pushed the pedal. In automatic mode the Idrive can determine these measures for you and adjust the throttle response to suit.

For most drivers, it can take a few days to get used to the iDRIVE, it’s different modes and what works best for them. We recommend starting on or around Ultimate Mode 4 (U4), this gives the driver plenty of throttle response to notice a substantial difference, without being too much to handle straight out of the box. Once the driver is comfortable with the different Ultimate Mode settings, then we recommend experimenting with Automatic and Economy Mode.

Transmission Settings
The iDRIVE works equally well on both automatic and manual transmissions. There is an internal setting that changes the voltage pattern to suit. There is a slightly softer setting to compensate for the direct drive nature of the manual transmission. The manual transmission setting can also be used for vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions if the driver feels that the response is too sensitive.
Changing Settings
Through our own rigorous testing, we have determined that there can be absolutely no damage done to a vehicle though changing settings while driving. Drivers can change through the iDRIVE’s modes at any time, however we don’t recommend changing the settings while the accelerator is depressed, preferably while stopped at a traffic light or in traffic.
Fuel Economy
In testing we have seen a ride range in fuel economy savings, it largely depends on the make and model of the car, as well as the weight of the drivers foot. However a large percentage of drivers see a noticeable increase in fuel economy by using both the Automatic, Economy and lower Ultimate modes, this is mostly due to more efficient use of the throttle and not needing as much fuel to reach certain speeds
Eco mode can help to delay the throttle response so the driver can concentrate on the slight corrections of the steering wheel when reversing the trailer and reduce over correction. Also, the higher ultimate modes are great for getting the vehicle moving with extra weight, particularly handy towing uphill’s of from a standing start.
When bogged in soft sand you need a far slower wheel speed to be able to drive out, Eco Mode with its dampened throttle response can often unstick a vehicle without the need for recovery gear.
Higher Eco settings are perfect for 4wding, especially across bouncy terrain, the dampened throttle response prevents jerky acceleration from the bouncing foot of the driver.
Higher Ultimate performance setting can help with quick bursts of acceleration to get out of muddy holes as well as flick clogged mud from the tyres, improving grip.


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