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C-4 Black Edition Flush Mount LED Light | Flood





Our New STEDI C-4 Flush lights bring our work light range to a whole other level. Flood beam with outstanding performance, there is a solution to every lighting need.

STEDI C4 LED Flood Light Night Shot

C4 Flood Beam Lux Chart

C4 Flush Dimensions



This is not the first or only flush mounted? LED on the market, but we say it is best. Don’t cut corners on your custom tray build by fitting inferior flush mounts, do it the right way the first time with high-performance, high-output CREE LED C4 Flush.?


  • Utilizing 4 of CREE’s legendary XM-L2 5700K
  • Environmentally sealed and moulded Deutsch DT-2 connector with male wire tail included
  • RFI and EMI suppressed circuity ensure no interference with sensitive radio equipment.
  • Fitted with Gore Breather Vent ? Certified IP68 | Submersible to 3m
  • 304 Series Stainless Steel Fasteners.?
  • Male and Female Deutsch DT-2 Plug with wire-tail is included.?

If you’re looking to upgrade from our older generation flush mount, we’ve ensure that the mounting points are identical for easy upgrade.?

Wide Beam: The wide beam produces a deeper flood beam.


Lumens 4,200Lm
Operating Voltage 12v & 24v Compatibility
IP Rating IP68
Colour Temperature (CCT) 5700K
Material Die Cast Aluminium Housing
Lens Lexan?
Mounting? Flush Mount
Bolts and FIttings Included
Beam Type Flood
Life Span 50,000 Hours
Amp Draw 2.1A @ 13.2v
Weight 0.550kg

What’s in the box

What’s in the box

  • 1 x C4 Flush Mount Black Edition LED Flood Light
  • 4 x Mounting Bolts?
  • 4 x Flat Washer?
  • 4 x Nylon Nuts?
  • Male and Female Deutsch Connectors
  • C4 BLack Edition Flush Mount LED Light
  • C4 BLack Edition Flush Mount LED Light Components
  • C$ BLack Edition Flush Mount LED Light