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Rockarmor Elite Steel BULL BAR – HOLDEN COLORADO / Trailerblazer 2012+ (+FREE IDRIVE KIT)

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Designed & tested in Australia, Rockarmor’s Elite steel Bull bar provides your vehicle with the ultimate in front end protection. Making sure air flow to the engine is maintained, the Rockarmor bull bar is manufactured with a heavy duty 63mm diameter cross bar which protects the full front of the vehicle against any potential animal strikes that may harm areas like your head lights, front grill and engine components.

Designed to be functional for vehicles that drive both on road & off road, the Elite Bull bar has been engineered to store vital accessories such as a Winch, UHF Antenna, safety flags, driving lights plus allowance of a high lift jack recovery.

The Elite bull bar comes complete with L.E.D fog lights, L.E.D indicators, under body stone guards and is finished with a high quality powder coat that will withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

100% ADR Compliant, and Air Bag approved, Rockarmor’s Elite bull bar is put through a strict set of tests that gives you confidence your vehicle will be protected at all times.


Each Elite Bull bar is manufactured with a mandrel bent 63mm diameter tube, which has been designed to the vehicles unique shape. The heavy duty steel tube protects some of the vehicles most vital components and is supported with twin a-frame like structures welded to the main body of the bull bar.


Rockarmor has made life easier for those who require to remove or change their UHF Antenna with a pair of slotted antenna brackets welded found behind the 63mm top cross steel tube.  The slotted design allows for quicker & easier installation removing any exercise of having to cut any cabling.


To comply with the vehicle’s airbag sensors, each airbag bracket has been carefully designed & tested under strict guidelines. The bull bar’s airbag bracket is manufactured from high strength steel and has been engineered to the vehicles unique sensor level.


When road vision is obstructed by dark fog, the in-built high-powered L.E.D fog lights will aid your driving experience with a bright white light that can set up to the vehicles factory fog light settings or with a separate switch.


Rockarmor’s Bull bar mounting bracket which connects your bull bar to the vehicles chassis frame has been engineered with a built in heavy duty winch plate that will allows up to a 12,000 pound winch to be fitted. The winch plate comes standard with all the Elite Bull bars and have been pre drilled to different brands of winches.


To protect the bull bar’s internally stored comments as well as your vehicles radiator, the Elite Bull bar comes with 2mm steel stone guard plates that bolt to the bottom of the bull bar’s main body. The stone guards are provided with the bar at time of purchase.


Each and every Rockarmor Elite bull bar is designed locally in Australia. The vehicle is brought into our head office, where our engineers use hi-tech scanning equipment which give our designers the best ability to use cad drawings from scans and digitally mould the bull bar and compliment the vehicles design and shape.


Your vehicle will endure some tough weather conditions through out different parts of Australia. From dry & hot conditions to wet and salty air fuelled coastal areas, the Rockarmor Elite Bull Bar will be able to withstand any weather or terrain with its high quality powder coat finish which is applied to the bull bar after a series of E-coat treatments.


When you are hundreds of miles away from a workshop in the bush, sometimes you have to get your own hands dirty when it comes to vehicle repairs & recoveries. A High lift jack is one of the most versatile recovery tools we could use when out bush, however many vehicles lack jacking points. Rockarmor’s Elite Bull Bar features twin double plated 6mm steel t-shape cuts which allow for your high lift jack to be slid in and lift your vehicle.

Packaging Size

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 180 × 60 × 50 cm