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The Triton is one of the best bang for buck options of today’s Australian ute market.

From factory, the MQ Triton is a great comfy ride. Suspension is comfortably tuned, with the same common firmness in the rear found in most other utes available on the Aussie Market. After driving the 2.4 litre Triton from Sydney to mid north Qld last November, it blew us away with how much punch it actually had!

What was the vehicle lacking for us? Well of course vehicle off road protection, recovery gear, handy accessories like roof racks plus a few more upgrades which you will find in this MQ modification guide from Aussie offroad Megastores.

If you are going to be driving on country roads or offroad, chances are you are going to be needing a Bull Bar. Driving on country roads incurs high chances of potential animal strikes, which can do some serious damage to your vehicle and the people in your vehicle depending on severe the hit may be. If the vehicle has a Bull Bar installed chances of damaging your vehicle or injuring anyone in the vehicle are very slim.

A bull bar is not only for animal strikes, but also a great accessory to carry vital accessories like a winch, extra driving lights and communication equipment like a UHF Antenna.  When it comes time to choosing a Bull Bar, Aussie offroad Megastores can give you 2 different options Steel or Alloy. Both Bull bars have the ability to carry a winch, but differ in so many ways depending on type of driving you may be doing with your Triton.

 Rockarmor Elite Steel Bull Bar

Designed and tested in Australia, Rockarmor’s Elite Steel Bull Bar has been specially designed for the true all rounder who would give their vehicle a hard run. The steel Bar, which weighs 65kilos, comes with an in-built winch plate, and is constructed with a heavy duty 63mm steel cross tube. This bull bar is a roo’s worst nightmare.

The bull bar is Air bag compatible and require’s a bumper cut when fitted to the vehicle. we would suggest having a professional fitter fit this Bull bar onto your vehicle as the bumper cut can be difficult for some.

The Bull bar also comes with inbuilt vital features, which include;

Rockarmor Alloy Hybrid Bull Bar 

If weight is concern for you, Rockarmor’s all new Alloy Bull bar, dubbed the Hybrid, give’s 4WD owners the ability to protect their vehicle and mount a winch without the usual heavy weight a Steel Bull bar would apply to the vehicle. The bars 63/74mm Alloy tubing gives the vehicle’s front end full protection from any possible animal strikes. L.E.D Fog lights & L.E.D parkers come standard with Bull bar at no extra cost.

Like the steel bull bar, the Hybrid is fully air bag compatible & winch compatible. Unlike the Steel the bar, the Alloy one does not require a bumper cut, when being installed onto the vehicle.

Choosing an Alloy Bull bar does mean your vehicle will weigh less in the front, than that of a Triton with a steel bull bar meaning there is a high chance, the vehicle wouldn’t require a suspension upgrade in the front, unless you add a winch.

It must be known that the Alloy bull bar will never be as strong as a steel bull bar in any impact. So this is where you will have to choose, depending on your driving lifestyle.


It’s highly likely at some point when owning a Triton, you are going to tow a trailer, caravan or boat at some point during your ownership of the vehicle. If you have opted to purchase your Triton with a factory tow bar, or the Triton you own, already already has a factory tow bar, it will do the job for on road applications, however if you are tradie, or one who likes to get off road, chances are you will damage the factory alloy rear step and most likely damage your tub.

To prevent any damage this, your best option is to apply a aftermarket steel rear bar. You will find like most aftermarket accessories for a Triton there will many options for you to choose. At Aussie Offroad Megastores you will find the all new Rockarmor Elite rear step tow bar.

What makes the Rockarmor Rear step Tow Bar different from all the other makes you may ask? 

1. The new Rockarmor Rear Step, provides a much wider foot print than other rear steps available on the market. So for a tradesman who might hopping in & out of the back frequently, this rear step will make life alot more less stressful on a daily basis.

2. One of the key features, Rockarmor’s designers applied when you designing the new rear step was to maintain maximum departure heights. Alot of rear steps on the market, sit very low and when venturing off road, your rear step may bottom out and get yourself stuck, or even worse, damaging your rear step. The all new Rockarmor rear step sits very high up, making sure you wont have any problems when off road.

3. The Rockarmor rear step tow bar for the new Triton has incorporated High Lift Jack points which allow you to jack the rear end of your hilux with a High Lift Jack. The High Lift jack points have been double plated so that you will deform the rear bar in anyway.

4. Your new Triton may come with factory reverse sensors. When fitting the Rockarmor rear step tow bar you will not loose this functionality.


 The factory alloy side steps that come from Mitsubishi are great for those who just drive on city roads or the odd occasion on country roads. Take that Triton off road and accidentally land on a log or an over sized rock, then kiss those pretty alloy side steps good bye, plus possibly having to fork our hundreds of dollars in repair costs cause you might of damaged your side sills located under your doors.

A pair of steel side steps can reduce this risk of damage, as they are much stronger than the factory alloy steps. At Aussie Offroad Megastores, the guys will offer a pair of Rockarmor Side Steps, which have been designed to give your side sills maximum protection with its DUAL RAIL DESIGN plus still offer a practical step for you & family to get in out of the car with its steel checker plate that comes supplied with the step.

The DUAL RAIL construction from Rockarmor’s steps gives you the ability to land on a large rock or log without being worried you will kink the step and damage your side sills. The Rockarmor side step also has ability to connect an optional brush bar/side rail. The side rail that connects from the side step to your bull bar and will then also protect your side front fenders from any panel damage.

Like all of Rockarmor’s 4×4 accessories, their steel side steps have also been designed to meet all Australian Design rules, where in this case, they will work with our factory side air bag curtains which are hidden away under your interior’s trim.

Upgrading your factory suspension might be one of the most important upgrades you do on your Triton. You might say, but the vehicle is not even old! Well there is a few things you should ask yourself and if you answer YES to just one of these questions, then a suspension upgrade should take place asap.

1. How much weight am i carrying in the back? If you are a tradie, most likely you are going have some heavy tools or machinery in the back. For anyone who will have 200kgs or more siting in the back tub or tray 90% of time, then a suspension upgrade is a must.

2. Will you be towing? If the answer is yes, Factory suspension can do the job but for how long? Most likely your rear suspension will sag or fail after time. An Aftermarket suspension has been designed and engineered for towing applications, and geared up for more heavier applications.

3. Are you going to put on a Steel Bull Bar or any aftermarket accessories?  Once you start adding the weight of a Bull bar, rear step, rocksliders, winch, plus maybe 200kgs of weight in the back and then add your passengers, you will then start to realise how heavy your Triton will become. The factory suspension will not cope with this added weight as it was tuned for lighter applications.

4. Will you be driving off road? If you will be taking your vehicle off road, sometimes depending where you may be driving, ride heights can be issue. Most suspension upgrades will give your MQ Triton a 20 to 45mm lift, giving your vehicle more ground clearance to get over off road obstacles which may be in your way, which cause your vehicle to bottom out and get stuck, possibly damaging running parts under the vehicle or even door sills.


The IDRIVE throttle controller modifies the voltage signal from the fly by wire pedal assembly to allow you to tune the response from your accelerator pedal and greatly reduce the dead zone from when you initially depress the pedal commonly referred to as throttle lag. The iDRIVE does not plug into the OBDII port.
PRICE: $299.00


This 3″ DPF back system from redback exhaust only takes just a little over an hour to have installed on your vehicle and the gains you receive are amazing! Incorporating a redback muffler the system is also specially painted with a heat proof coating which will withstand the harsh Aussie Environment your vehicle may encounter!


A Snorkel, once fitted to your vehicle, moves the engine air intake from under your bonnet, to roof height. When driving off road it is very common that your vehicle maybe need to cross through deep water meaning the addition of a snorkel is a must.

As well as, protecting your engine from deep water, a snorkel can also protect your vehicle’s engine from dust while travelling along dry dirt roads


If you need a rack system that needs to be level with a ladder rack, roll bar or even racks on a canopy, then the HD RACKS for PRO rack is your go to roof rack system. With a load rating of 100kgs, these racks can withstand alot of weight making these one of the best racks money can buy for your Triton!
RRP: $443.00

Our Price: $419


Yakima’s all new lock n load alloy flat tray, is one of the best roof racks on the market. It offers a very light weight and low clearance solution. Once the rack is on the vehicle, it sure does look like it was meant to be there! As well swags & other camping equipment, the rack also can carry your surf boards, bikes and other 4wd accessories with optional attachments you can purchase.
RRP: $1178.00

Our Price: $1068.00


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