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Regarded by some as the most inspiring track to drive in Australia; “The old Telegraph Track” Found in Northern QLD, The northern tip of the track which runs for 82km, is what drivers are recommended to drive of the 201km track.

With no salt water crocs found in the any of the creeks along the track, the Old Telegraph Track has some magnificent swimming locations, which are a must when driving this part of the World.

The best time to drive the Old Telegraph track is in the DRY SEASON (Late May – October) Camping permits are required, and a good off-road recovery kit is essential.


Aussie Off-road Megastores recommendations:
Visit: Eliot Falls,Canibal Creek
Camping spots include: Canal Creek, Jardine National Park, Sam Creek, Mistake Creek, Cannibal Creek, Cypress Creek


Victoria has so much to offer in the way of 4wdriving, from scenic, coastal locations to the world famous high country plus an abundance of state forests scattered through out the state.

Wombat State Forest is located just 50 Kilometres, north west of Melbourne, making it one of the most accessible locations for city dwellers looking for a quick weekend get away in the 4wd.

The 70,000 hectare forest is a mecca for those 4wd enthusiasts looking to test their vehicles with a series of easy & challenging mud tracks & creek crossings, where off road recovery gear is highly recommended to have packed & ready before setting off on the trek.

A magnet for the adventurous, Wombat State Forest offers more than just 4wd tracks, with a collection of walking & cycling tracks where you will able to spot some amazing Australian wildlife, including the endangered Powerful Owl.

The Forest is littered with historic mines & old saw mills, all relics from the states gold rush days. No vehicle permits are required to drive through

The Wombat and camping doesn’t involve any costs either.  Mobile phone reception is very poor so be sure to have a working UHF ready in your vehicle.


Situated just south of Newcastle and only 2 hours north of Sydney, Stockton Beach is a popular destination with families & 4wd enthusiasts, chasing the thrill of driving on sand dunes along the beach. The beach which spans for 32km attracts thousands of 4wdrivers from all over the country, and is one of the best spots for 4wd first timers. To gain access to beach you will need to purchase a valid beach permit from the local service station nearby the beach.

Scattered up & down the beach, are remains from the past. In the late 19th century, shipwrecks were so common, that sheds were built to provide provisions for sailors who found themselves stranded. Now known as Tin City, you can still see remains of the tin sheds standing towards the north end of the beach, which were even featured in the movie Mad Max.

When driving on the beach, you must take note of the no drive zones which can be found towards the back dune areas, which suffered major damaged in 2 recent storms that took place in 2012 & 2015.

For those who are keen fisherman, Stockton Beach is one of the Central Coast’s best fishing spots, species such as Jewfish, Tailor, Salmon & Sea Bream can all be caught off the beach, with worms & pippies being the most popular form of bait used by local fisherman.

Before heading out to Stockton Beach, make sure you’ve packed a basic recovery kit and long handed shovel just in case you get stuck in one of the dunes. While driving on the beach, we recommend you adjust your tyre pressures down to 14psi, and remember the same rules that apply to the road, will also apply to the beach, so make sure you stick to the speed limits, everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seatbelt and defiantly don’t Drink & Drive!


Situated 428 Kilometres south east of Adelaide and just a stone throw away from Millicent is Canunda National Park, which features spectacular limestone cliffs, coastal sand dunes and natural bush land, can enjoyed by 4wdrivers & keen hikers.

The National Park is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, once you pay for a vehicle access pass, your 4wd can enjoy up to 40 kilometres of untouched limestone coastland.

Canunda National Park,is definitely one for those who loves to snorkel, Surf or even for those who are keen fishermen, so be sure to pack a few rods if you feel like fish for dinner by the campsite. Camping is restricted to specific areas of the park, and open wood fires are not permitted between November & April.

When driving in Canunda,we recommend you set your tyre pressures to 15 psi, travel with another vehicle and carry the correct 4wd recovery gear in your vehicle.


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