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So what’s your list of must-visit terrains of Australia, and which ones have you already conquered?

With the extensive varieties of landscapes, Australia is quite a comprehensive land of beauty that one can enjoy. From the spectacular coastlines, wonderful National Parks or enormous deserts to tracks on hilly ranges, everything welcomes you to explore and enjoy the this sunburnt land of ours.

With the extensive varieties of landscapes, Australia is quite a comprehensive land of beauty

Greater New South Wales

The wondering Broken Hills stretches over 1000km area from the west of Sydney. Throughout the road, you will experience amazing changing landscapes, while you can reach way to the historic Dingo Fence. The pathway takes you to the crossing point at Cameron Corner, the place where New South Wales, Queensland, New South Wales as well South Australia meet.
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The Birdsville Track

Being carved in 1860s as a transporting route mainly for moving cattle, the track has become highly popular subsequent to the release of a film/doco called The Back of Beyond. On the track, you can bask in the beauty of isolated homesteads, Natterannie Sandhills, Cooper Creek, Mungerannie wetland and obviously the Simpson Desert.

Gibb River Road

Located on the western part of Australia, Gibb River Road is equipped with multi-coloured gorges, clean cool rock puddles accompanied with waterfalls, savannah grasslands and more. The track takes you towards Kimberley Region where Windjana as well as Bell gorges can make you thrilled with excitement.

Victoria – The Alps

Those who are timid or beginners, this trail may not be suitable for them.  This offers you the great opportunity to explore the beauty of Alpine National Park with eye-catching landscapes on mountain tops, panoramic views of high grassy plains along with views of stunning water courses.

Asmania, the Ocean Beach

This is another great 4WD adventure you can experience on the stunning, striking and longest beach in Tasmania. The landscape of Ocean Beach offers a different feeling with its dunes, super speedy tides and huge waves.

Strahan-Ocean Beach

North Queensland

Driving towards the tip point of Cape York is an extended, tough as well as exciting voyage that appears to be one of the top celebrated 4WD journeys in Australia.

Binns Track

Located on the northern territory, it is rather the latest 4WD driving exploration, enjoyed greatly by endless wonder. You can make a long trip for about ten days on this pathway, starting from the Simpson Desert sand-dunes through the rocky creeks crossing the wonderful ancient ranges on the track. The journey includes Frew River Loop and Davenport Ranges which are known as the toughest 4WD tracks in this territory.


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